Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Wikipedia Knowledge Dump

The purpose of this blog:

From the bold to the beautiful, from the wicked to the wise, every day the Wikipedia team relegates possibly "inappropriate" submissions to the garbage dump of time. Here, we make selected rejects immortal and preserve them for posterity.

A sampling of terms or entries that they have preserved:

I find the visual graphic of evolution evolving via the entries and edits on wikipedia very interesting.
The entry for evolution on Wikipedia was altered 2,081 times by 68 editors between December 2001 and last October. IBM's Watson Research Center produced the image at left, which tracks the transformation. Each vertical line is a new version; each color is a different editor. A black line occurs whenever the entire entry is deleted by a vandal. The initial version of evolution (indicated by the "1") is 526 words long.

A picture of how knowledge is being crafted.

You might want to add this site to your RSS Reader of choice. There are some obscure but good tidbits here.

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