Monday, November 13, 2006

Creative Generalist - Steve Hardy

Steve writes in his profile:

Steve Hardy is the founder of Creative Generalist, a popular weblog for curious divergent thinkers. He is formerly the Business Director of 2004's Magazine of the Year Maisonneuve (eclectic curiosity) and is currently a Creative Producer of wireless media at Airborne Entertainment. .... A proud generalist with a knack for observation, synthesis, and sensible ideas, I've had the good fortune of working with a number of exceptionally talented people on many wonderfully exciting projects in a wide range of industries. I've actively participated in both creative and strategic roles (effectively blurring the distinction) and have experienced business from the perspectives of management, agency, client, supplier, intern and student. ... I started Creative Generalist partly as a notebook for my varied finds, partly as a tool to force myself to learn something new and different each day, and partly as a reminder that ideas are important and a generalist outlook on life -- all of it -- is the best way to discover them.

Not bad. Good first name (we agree on that).

Last name reminds me of The Hardy Boys, a book series I loved when I was growing up. You're not related are you? No, can't be, they were fictional.

"A notebook for varied finds". That's pretty much what this is. We're exploring the long tail here.

You do find a variety of things:
You probably should add this site to your RSS Read of choice and follow along.

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