Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thoughts & Philosophies - Carolyn Manning

I've lived in Pennsylvania, US, all my life. The water here is good, so I stay.

writes Carolyn Manning on her "About me" page at Thoughts & Philosophies.
Mike talked about web developers who don’t blog trying to give blogging solutions. He speaks of people who try to help when they don’t know what they’re doing. He speaks to people who need help and don’t know where to go to get the best they deserve.

It’s some state of mind we’ve grasped and won’t give up. People for centuries have looked to priests for marital difficulties. I know a man who spent three years in jail because he went to a tax lawyer instead of someone versed in the DUI laws.

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What justification do we have for putting ourselves out to the world? Every. We seem to crave validation. And, for those of us who are writers, we need such venues as Technorati.

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Give the kids some discipline. You’re the adult; they’re not. I think it was Dr. Phil who said, “you’re not raising children, you’re raising adults”. Don’t throw your hands in the air as if you have no control. You are making the adults of tomorrow. You’re the Moms and the Dads. Instill in those children of yours a sense of love, responsibility, gratitude for the world around them and you’ll reap the rewards.

You, me, all of us can afford to take the time to make our lives better and richer. We have no excuse for doing otherwise.

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