Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Detective Marketing - Stefan Engeseth

Stefan writes on "How to double the traffic on Google"
The simple fact of the matter is that good business is essentially childishly simple. Google, for example, could let visitors search its 8 billion pages by opening pages visited in a separate window so that instead of leaving the Google page, the visitor stays with the brand a little longer.

Stefan writes on "Ghost Riding, a trend ore a massage?"
In a time when people look for new leaders they express it in different ways. One-way is to do a new dance: Ghost Riding. It is danced like this; you drive your car slowly then walk out of it and dance around the car. At the same time the car is slowly moving down the streets with the music playing, but no one is sitting in the driving seat ...

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Stefan writes in the About Page:
The power of the consumer is stronger than ever. Yet, the gap between what a company promises and what consumers experience has never been larger. Consumer power makes or breaks companies. The purpose of this blog is to make, not break, companies and close that gap. Use this blog as an open source platform for the most important business and consumer trend of the future: ONE.ONE means that companies must let consumers into the process of creating new products and services, and even into marketing and selling them. This is more than theory, it’s survival. The power of interactivity, Internet and word of mouth is a force to be reckoned with. Those who don’t listen, will be crushed by it.“If you’re looking for creative business opportunities, this is the place, but if you’re more interested in a forum for grievances and gripes then this is not the right ONE for you.” Stefan Engeseth, author of ONE and editor of this blog.

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