Wednesday, November 15, 2006

How do you get the short list from 74?

In the course of exploring the use of wiki to enhance this blog and others, I found a good comparison site: Wiki Matrix
Did you know that there are 74 wiki software packages available to choose from?
How do you wade through all that to make a choice?
Use the Wiki Choice Wizard! or check off ones on the list you want and do the compare yourself.
I used the wizard and it was easy. From the 74 it brought my choices down to 12. I further made a selection (by pricing, i.e. "free") to create a short listing of 3. Then when one I had heard about wasn't on the listing, I went back to see where the choice got dropped off. Yes, it was one of the feature sets that the wizard asked. Now, I know and understand my short list.
If you use a wiki, I would be interested in finding out how you choose the one you did and what you are using it for.
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