Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ConverStations - Mike Sansone

Got to keep an eye or two on ConverStations where Mike Sansone writes on integrating and developing blogs for business.

What if your Purple Cow is a Pink Horse? is a good reminder about sticking to your knitting. What is that really separates you from the others? Don't go looking for the purple cow (Seth Godin's term) if you have the pink horse in your backyard corral.

Of special interest will be his new series this month, a Blogumentary, building a blog for a non-profit, Blue Frog Arts:
... a gallery with little web presence, but lots of character and talent. Our goal with the blog is to extend the reach and voice, and showcase the talents of this small, but creative community. The owner of the gallery and her team of artists is allowing us to document each step of building the blog site.

Read the full post here and then follow this as it develops.

Mike says in his about page:
My passion is to build community - offline and online. I've done this through property management, online community programming, volunteerism, and - for a short time - as an assistant pastor at a Baptist church in Maryland.

This is one of two versions. You can read the other here.

Then add this site to your RSS Reader of choice and continue to read and participate in ConverStations!

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1 comment:

Mike Sansone said...

Steve, Thanks for your kind words (and vision:-))

We took our eyes off the rails for a minute, but we're back on track.

Keep up the great work.