Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti, one R, two T's... is a comic living and working in the Big Apple and posting regularly on her blog.

She provides advice for Lazy Tuesday.

She writes about her brother and liking or not liking Chris Isaak:
When I went to visit my brother in college one year he convinced me to like Chris Isaak. I was reticent to say the least (3rd def). But we drove around listening to his CD and my brother was like: "He's funny. Listen to him, he's funny." I said WELL WAX OFF MR MIYAGI BECAUSE I THINK YOU HAVE A POINT! And then we shared a deep and genuine laugh together over every lyric and every wail.

Anyhow, now I do really love Chris Isaak.

Read the full posting here.

Add Chelsea's site to your RSS Reader of choice and if you are in the New York Metro area, you could catch one of her local appearences.

Way to go Chelsea!

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