Friday, November 24, 2006

Peace talking - Jon Swanson

In introducing this new project John writes:

I want to know how people find peace or make peace. This isn’t about productivity, this is about peace. I know the methods that people have to fit more into their lives or make things work more smoothly. However, somewhere in the middle of all that juggling, aren’t there moments when you stop and say, “this is why”?

And I’m not talking world peace here, I’m talking family or personal or where we live day-to-day peace.

So that’s why the peacetalking project. Over at is the place for video posts to picture peace.
When I think of "world peace", the parody from "Miss Congeniality" comes to mind. But world peace is a serious matter and personal peace is a good place to start.

Give it some thought.

If you have any input jump on over to the wiki to provide some input.

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