Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Healing Iraq

Not a site that would normally fit into the "long tail" objective of this blog because it already has some substantial readership according to Bloglines (over 460 at this point).

But the topic is not something that is regularly discussed from the Iraqi point of view and hence my decision to share it hear.

Read about Iraqis Prepare for Further Sectarian Violence

As the cycle of sectarian violence in Baghdad rages on, despite a three-day curfew, many people in the war-torn capital are bracing themselves for what they fear is the worst phase of the war to come.

The attack on Sadr City with five car bombs last Thursday will most likely be another turning point, ushering in a rising level of violence in Iraq, just the same as the shrine incident in Samarra last February.

Read the full posting here.

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