Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sanders Says - Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders, author of Love is the Killer App and The Likability Factor, has his own blog - Sanders Says.

He writes:
A few years ago, I shared a stage with Dr. Stephen Covey in Salt Lake City at a convention for hospice care workers. In his talk, Dr. Covey urged people to read books as a habit to improve their "emotional imagination". He said reading will increase the empathy you show people. This is true. When you read books (from self improvement to trash novel), you activate a part of your brain that unleashes creative energy. There is nothing more primal and perpetual than creative energy. You want to work out, write a protest song, call your mom. When you feel creative you feel alive.

Read his full posting Readers are Leaders.

Tim writes:
The secret is thinking about your Customer's experience as the sum of several little experiences. Think of it from thought to memory. From the parking lot to the exit. A great example of how one company did this is found in the Sharp Colonoscopy Experience article published in in a publication by Pine & Gilmore. The execs at this hospital found one experience that was bad, getting a colonoscopy, and broke it down into segments. They improved in all the little things and eventually they created a colonoscopy experience so good that their clients were known to run out and tell their friends to go to Sharp "and get a colonoscopy".

Read his full post on Segment the Experience.

I previously wrote a review of Love is the Killer App. The Likability Factor is on the "to be read" shelf so I'll get to it someday and then follow up with a review.

Tim is well worth reading and now that his blog has been found, add it to your RSS Reader of choice and keep in touch with Tim!

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