Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Heart Farms

From Tana Butler at I Heart Farms, she writes:

One of the biggest problems with being a writer/photographer is the balance between looking and listening. And frankly, just being. When I'm at a farm, especially one as beautiful—orderly, healthy, happy, humming—as Linda Butler's oasis, Lindencroft Farm, I tend to dial down the volume on my work. I just want to hang out with the farmer and look at the pretty things growing. Or pet the kitties—Linda and her husband, Steve, have four. (And about ninety-seven bird feeders, so I wonder how that works out. Stay tuned: she answers my question.)

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In her about section she writes:

Do you detect a theme? Good, you're smart. I like smart people. And without getting too political about it, people who are smart support sustainable agriculture, and do not support the pinheads and reptiles who make policies that hasten the destruction of our fragile environment.

Not only is is true that "You are what you eat," but this: "You are what you ate, ate."

Lettuce praise farmers.

Lastly, I am a good combination of the sacred and the profane. Don't be shocked if I'm salty or appalled if I get all spiritual. Babies love me: that's my litmus test.

A nice combination; pictures, good food, appropriate spices... what more could one ask for?

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