Wednesday, November 22, 2006

selearninggames - Sandra Dickinson

Sandra writes:

As adults, we want to learn stuff that is directly relevant, practical, and useful to resolving the real challenges we face in our work. We learn best by doing what matters to us personally. We want to build on what we already know, transfer our prior experience to a new situation, share what we know, find out what like-minded others know, and form connections. We want rapid feedback. We want to learn what we need to know right now, just in time to complete the task in front of us. We might need to know a little or a lot; either way, we want to decide what we learn, when, and how we learn it.

Does that ring a bell with you? How does she do that? Sandra is combining a blog and a wiki to explore learning games.

What does an elearning community look like? (click through to see the image) This is what she describes of the activity:
The starter image presented was the intersecting circles inside the box. Representing the interaction among ‘course’ content, other learners, external resources, etc. Clearly - the elearners are saying most of the learning takes place outside the box. Most of the learning takes place is unstructured ways. The learning process goes back and forth among content, other learners, external resources along unpredictable, often frustrating, definitely nonlinear pathways. Learning one thing leads to another question leads to another learning…and sometimes to something concrete you can put in another box.

Read her full posting here.

I need to warn you not to get too involved in playing "Flood" on the front page of the wiki. It can be addicting.

Explore both of these sites. I think Sandra has concepts you might be able to leverage. I know the folks at Joyful Jubilant Learning will be able to benefit.

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