Thursday, November 09, 2006

POW, right between the eyes! - Andy Nulman

Andy's bio says in part (for me, this is the best part):

In his spare time, Andy is also an engaging speaker (motivating Fortune 500 companies the likes of GM, Eveready/Energizer and 3M), oft-published author, inventive stage director, half-decent snowboarder, hot-and-cold hockey goalie, and controversial pop artist.

Other accomplishments include being named one of Canada’s “Top 40 Under 40” business leaders by the Financial Post in 1997, voted one of the “Top 100 Montrealers of the 20th Century” by the Montreal Gazette in 2000, and honored as a distinguished recipient of the McGill Management Achievement Award in 2004.

His major disappointment is that he has only one life to live…but he’s working on a solution.

I am interested in finding out what his solution to having only one life to live! I have enough to do to cover about two or three myself but anyway...

Andy writes:

Well, if you’re Fred, you can give the seemingly flavorless and colorless liquid a personality.  Instead of tinkering with the product, Fred’s stroke-of-genius was changing the packaging from the standard chunky and round to an eye-catching sleek and flask-like. 

Now not only does this water slide sexily into the back pocket of jeans, but it overflows with attitude.  It even has its own blog and MySpace page(!).

Read more of what he says about this new Fred Water.

Andy writes:

Think about it. Think back to the great Surprise moments in your life, the highlights you STILL talk about. Not just the bargains or exquisite service, but the unexpected visit from a friend, the Surprise birthday party, the time your spouse’s simple haircut became a high-flying Afro perm, the $100 bill you found in the street…

I could go on and on, but the point here is that hopefully, so can you.

Read more about the highlight reel of life!


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1 comment:

Andy Nulman said...

Jeez Steve, what a great honor (and yes, yes, a great Surprise as well) to be on your radar screen. I hope I can continue to write stuff that is up to snuff with the other folks you spotlight. BTW, if you're into running and tech, have you tried the Nike/iPod Nano union? If so. would appreciate feedback as I've been thinking... Once again, mucho appreciato for your kind words.