Tuesday, November 21, 2006

That's on point!

Mike Cardillo writes on soccer at That's on Point:

Let's take a brief moment to respect the passing of Hungary/Real Madrid legend Ferenc Puskas. Though it doesn't roll off the toungue like a Pele or a Platini, he's no less important to the growth of the world's game.

By all accounts the 1950s "Magical Magayars" were one of the best teams of all time, although they did lose the 1954 World Cup final to West Germany 3-2 in wild fashion.

Fast fact, he scored 83 goals in 84 international matches. Who knows what the quality of some of those games were, but that's still an impressive feat. He even picked up a Olympic gold medal at the 1952 Helsinki games.

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And about his experience in a focus group:

Now, if you've ever been to a focus group, let me tell ya, you are missing out my friend.

You and 7-10 random folks with some basic similarity to you are put in a room with a two-way mirror and asked questions by a moderator who is waaaaaaay too chipper not to be on some sort of medication.

What's fascinating is that as the session continues some of a participants get more and more chatty. They start throwing out their clever ideas on how they can make the product better.

Read his full postng here.

And he talks about MLS's "Beckham rule"

Well, they finally did it. The MLS adopted the "Beckham Rule." Don't want to totally naysay it, but let's think about it logically. Will a 30-something David Beckham, an overweight Ronaldo, etc. help MLS? Sort of. It'll increase the media coverage -- at least short term. Becks will do all the rounds -- Regis, Ellen, etc. Commish Don Garber will smile and tell us this is exposure the league would never otherwise receive. And that will be true.

But they're AGAIN not catering to real soccer fans in America. From what I've read, in the mid-to-late 90s the Beckham-mania in England was without par. Here was by all accounts a normal English bloke who could do marvelous things with the ball, who eventually married one of the nation's biggest pop icons. How's that going to translate in the States? Most people know him from the title of that Kiera Knightley flick and his Gilette razor/skin care ads.

Read his full posting here.

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