Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Marketing Profs Daily Fix

This is a group blog but what a group! The contributor listing could serve as a good start on who's who in marketing.

Tuesday's post on a Movember campaign about marketing to 20-30 something males to grow a mustach during November ("M" ustach, n"ovember") was sufficient to solicit a comment from me. The posting was from a writer from an early stop on the Hitchhiker trail, Andrea Learned.

Alain Thys writes:
... did we really all join the wonderful marketing trade to shuffle GRPs, bicker over budgets and chase yet another piece of mindless creative which no one cares about, except perhaps a few media sellers only who pretend to like us anyway ?

Or did we join it to make a difference? To use the millions at our disposal to really do something useful in the process as well. To really affect people, even only in a little way.

Read his full posting here.

And if marketing is anywhere near your alley, then this site is for you!

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