Wednesday, August 02, 2006

blog - Christine Kane

The trail turns down a musical alley today with the discovery that fok singer and song writer Christine Kane also has a blog.
I saw Christine when she came to the Circle of Friends Coffeehouse here in Franklin a while ago (actually Jan 2002; yea, I didn't think it was that long ago).
She had a good voice and good lyrics. I see from her web site that she also has a new album, so I'll put that on my list to check out sometime. In the meantime, her blogging activity is pretty good. Well actually better than that.
She writes:
... I don’t like television much. For the most part, it’s just a way to sit back and go unconscious. No interaction. No pro-action. Just setting your mind’s dial to “Numb.”
Read the full post here.
She writes:
I wrote about the idea of THERE. That illusory place we dream of being after we’ve accomplished our accomplishments. THERE is where we relax. THERE is where we’ll be someone different. THERE is where we’ve made it!

But, as I pointed out, there is no THERE. There’s only here.

Read the full post here.

And I recommend adding her blog to your RSS Reader of choice to follow her writing. Good stuff!


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1 comment:

ChristineKane said...

Thanks for telling people about my blog! What a great surprise! I've got you bookmarked now too...