Wednesday, August 30, 2006

100Bloggers Carnival - Best Use of Colorful Adjectives

The trail continues with the 100Bloggers "Heat of Summer Carnival" were the votes are being cast and counted. Two of these nominees was previously found along the trail, the others now will have their day in the sun. We'll take some time to catch up on the nominees for each category.

If you want to skip ahead, you can check out the original carnival posting here

and the nominees and instructions for voting can be found here

The nominees for 100Bloggers Heat of Summer Carnival - "Best Use of Colorful Adjectives" are:
  1. What is Marital Kissing, You Ask?
  2. Do Not all Charms Fly? Derek Jeter’s Transient Moment
  3. Mind the Gap
  4. Had Enough?
  5. Fairy Light
  6. Grammar Gaffe Friday
Patti Digh has been written about by the Hitchhikers before, you can read about her writing here and here. She also has an entry in the Most Inspiring/Inspirational category.

Heather Hunter writing at This Fish has also been written about when the Hitchhikers found her blog in June 2005. You can read about that find here.

While two were previously "discovered", two of the remaining entries are part of the same Pajamas Media group. Stephen writing at Horsefeathers and Ace writing at Ace of Spades HQ.

SanLeon.Net has on the about page:

The community of San Leon, Texas sprawls untidily across a stubby peninsula that juts into the west side of Galveston Bay. From the north shore of the peninsula, on a clear day, you can see the giant stone star on top of the San Jacinto Monument, more than twenty miles away. If you like watching ships, the eastern shore is as close as you can get, where the ship channel provides for an international parade of the big, bigger, and biggest ships in the world, making their way to and from Bayport, Barbours Cut, and the Port of Houston. The south shore of the San Leon peninsula faces sundown and the quieter, more peaceful Dickinson Bay, home to most of the fishing fleet. But if you want to watch the fishing boats leave out in the morning, you have to get up before morning comes.

The site is complete with photo gallery and a webcam. It was night time here in New England when I checked it out and there were two pin points of light visible so it was night down on the coast as well.

The Windows Live Space blog format does not provide for an "about section". At least on the two that I have seen and looked through thus far. This would be good for anonymous blogging. Of course, you could always not complete your Blogger profile but I think there is still no capability to competely turn it off. Anyway, the writer (I believe it is a she) writes here.

So now that you know a little more about these entries, go ahead (if you have not already) and read the full posts for the contest, decide and vote responsibly.

You should also consider adding one or more of these to your RSS Reader of choice to keep tabs on their good writing.

PS - Many thanks to Larry Hendricks for hosting this section of the 100Bloggers Carnival

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