Tuesday, June 07, 2005

37 Days - Patricia Digh

Another flow the link, follow the link, and look at what I found. Such a power piece of writing by
Patricia Digh in her posting Redefining Normal.

Her one line bio gets to the point:
Whatever else I am or do, my most important job is being a mother to my two daughters.

She writes:
My agenda? I want to fully understand and help other people understand the individual, interpersonal, business, and societal costs of exclusion, prejudice, and discrimination. I work to help people be more culturally literate and build their cultural competence.

To achieve that, I spend my time in four major ways: first, as a mother, helping my children learn about those issues, and then as a writer, business consultant and trainer focused on diversity, inclusion, globalization and leadership issues. The whole professional bio is at http://www.inclusiveasheville.com/patti.html,
if you're interested.

I suggest that you add Patti to your RSS reader.

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