Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl has 57 things about herself, she couldn't quite make it to 100, and some of them are:
  • I am an email/blogger junkie.
  • I can still stand on my head. I taught myself to do it at age 6 and wore a bald spot into my head. Luckily the hair grew back.
  • I will not each spinach... I will not eat food next to spinach either.
In How to Please Me, she writes:
  • tell me I look like a "superhero" dressed in my turbokick gear.
  • give me a blank CD *before* you ask me to copy some music for you.
  • tell me my turbokick was the best class you've ever taken at this gym.
  • describe "69" as "mutualness".
  • exclaim you come to yoga class to get a "butt like mine".
  • pretend that my jokes are funny.
In How to Peeve Me, she writes:
  • ask me if this is a yogafit class or a "real" yoga class.
  • start janis joplin MP3s on your computer and then get up and leave the lab.
  • bring pralines back from N'awlins the week I give up sugar.
  • wait until class starts to remove your pants in the yoga room (at least revealing some workout shorts underneath)
  • look at my dog's chest xray and ask if she's alive.
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