Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ageless Marketing - David B Wolfe

David B Wolfe, author with Robert Synder of Ageless Marketing, has this blog by the same name.

He writes in this posting titled Transcending Our Primordial Roots:
One thing is for sure: Our future is not your father’s future. This is not inconsequential to us as marketers. The collective soul of humanity is maturing – or as one might say, moving toward collective self-actualization. In Maslow’s model of self-actualization, the well being of all transcends the well being of the individual. This is the direction that in which society is moving.

The notion that the well being of all transcends the well being of self guts the foundation of traditional consumer marketing. Most such marketing makes the individual consumer the center of attention. This promotes egocentrism. In the Age of Transcendence, this will increasingly seem crude and unwarranted. This means marketers should be realigning the values they project to regain synchronicity with consumer values. The bottom line takeaway is that gradually but persistently people are becoming less concerned with the pettier needs of the individual self.
Read more of David here.

Updated 7/10/05 - actually discovered that I had posted about David here before. Oops!

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