Thursday, June 02, 2005

BigPictureSmallOffice - Nameless

In his About section he writes:

Here to Unblog the Drain

Welcome to my world. It is the world of big business and small minds. It is the world of paradigms and paranoids that populate the corridors and boardrooms of a certain very large company that, like the disarmed forces, is not all that it could be.

The company must remain nameless. Nameless protects the innocent…in particular, me. Suffice it to say that it is a leader in its field and a follower in its approach. It is a large company that manages to think small. Or, better put, it manages by thinking small. This is a shame because it is a company with all the makings of greatness. If, like me, you can see the big picture, you will understand why I sometimes feel stifled when trapped in a small office, narrow vision, short horizon and shallow pool of cash.

He choses to remain nameless, which I respect. This is different than being "anonymous".

He continues but if this much has interest you, the I recommend that you read the rest.

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