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100Bloggers Carnival - Most Inspiring/Inspirational

The trail turns to the 100Bloggers "Heat of Summer Carnival" were the votes are being cast and counted. One of the nominees was previously found along the trail, the others now will have their day in the sun. We'll take some time to catch up on the nominees for each category.
If you want to skip ahead, you can check out the original carnival posting here:
and the nominees and instructions for voting can be found here:
In the "Most Inspiring/Inspirational" category we have
The hitchhikers found Patti Digh along the trail previously, you can read about her writing here and here.
Pamela Slim writes in her about page:

My journey as an entrepreneur began in 1996, when I quit my job as manager of training and development at Barclay's Global Investors, a $300B investment management firm in San Francisco. I enjoyed my work very much, but was looking for something new, exciting and challenging for the next phase of my career. After about 4 months in the market with no interesting job leads, I called up my friend and former manager to see if she had any project work. As fate would have it, she needed an outside contractor to work on developing the global management development curriculum for Hewlett Packard.

As soon as I started working for myself, I knew that something was RIGHT! Having my own business was totally liberating and intoxicating. I named my company Ganas (a Spanish word that means the intense desire to do something, inner motivation, exuberance, drive) since that was what I felt every day I went to work, and was how I wanted my clients to feel as a result of working with me. I even went through a phase of self-employment evangelism, encouraging everyone I knew, or didn't know, to work for themselves, until I learned that not only was it unrealistic since some people like working as an employee, it was downright obnoxious. So although I have toned it down over the years, my zeal for entrepreneurship and my love of working for myself has never waned.

Her energy and enthusiasm come through in her postings. Her entry for the carnival is tough competition for the others. But you know, they are worthy competitors. So after reading, deciding, and voting, add Pamela to your RSS reader of choice. I believe you'll be glad you did.

Debra writes in her about page:

I'm a 40-something happy homemaker and a Christian who loves home and hearth and most things old-fashioned. Tom and I have been happily married 27 years and have one daughter, Naomi, age 26. We have recently become empty-nesters and are loving this new phase of life together.

I can relate to some of this. We just celebrated our 24th anniversary and after this weekend when our youngest goes off to college we'll sort of be empty nesters. She likes to read with her husband on Sunday mornings and came to this realization recently:

I mean, I don't even read the front page section (I save that for skimming online each day)... no, I just always grab the light-hearted sections. And well, if you've not already noticed--the newspaper no longer has any light-hearted sections.

And I think it's because it's rare to even find one light-hearted person anymore, especially one writing for a newspaper. People today appear so burdened, so angry, and it seems most people I know (and those I don't know) have anything but light hearts nowadays.

And rather than catch the 'heavy heart disease'... rather than read bitter, unforgiving, unmerciful words about people in the spotlight (a.k.a. Easy Targets)... rather than read that what I hold dear is now considered bad/evil/wrong and what I see as bad is now considered right/wise/and just plain good... I will, instead, choose to read favorite books while I sit with Tom as he reads the newspaper (the sports section, classifieds and store ads being his favorite parts).

You can read the full posting here. If you have not read her entry for the carnival, please do so, make an informed vote and add her blog to your RSS Reader of choice.
The last but certainly not least of this category is the only male writer. Why? That may be the subject of another posting.  Raymond writes in his about page:

I am one of those “strange” individuals that believes that we were created to thrive, not just survive. Sounds crazy, right? My philosophy is actually a lifestyle born out of many extraordinary experiences that I have had throughout my life.  Suffering from childhood illnesses and severe allergies at an early age, I required weekly doctor visits, shots, and medication.  Realizing that this was not how I ultimately wanted to live, I decided to look for a better way. Even though I was only a teenager, I began experimenting with many alternative treatments and eventually overcame my conditions. 


After several years, I left my role with the large organization to continue pursuing my vision on a dedicated full-time basis. I founded ZenChill Publishing in 2005 to extend the reach of my written work. In February 2006, I published a collection of my own personal spiritual insights called “Yoga In A Book” to help inspire others.

I am now fully committed to helping others through my passion, findings, and   “power tools for mind, body, and soul,” available now at and guiding them, wherever possible, towards the greater success, joy, and freedom that we are all truly looking for in our lives. Sounds good?

His entry in the carnival is a good one. Read it, and vote responsibly.  Add Raymond to your RSS Reader of choice to keep up with his writing.


PS - Thanks to Phil "Make it Great" Gerbyshak for hosting this category.

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