Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fractalia - A J McCaffrey

The trail takes an interesting turn today. My daughter left a book on the kitchen table the last time she was home with a note that read:
you might be interested in this Dad
So I picked up the book and read it while riding the train to and from Boston last week. I am waiting for Episode 2, AJ. When will it be ready?

Anyway, this site is meant to accompany the book and its byline states:
Everything you wanted to know about Fractalia. The characters: Wudlig, Pax, Kayoz, Brandelmoat, etc. Those strange shapes called fractals. The puzzles (outties). You can even submit your own answers to the outties because your answers might be better than what is in the book!

The outties are puzzles. Simple but challenging. Without getting into detail about the book (I'll save that for the book review in progress), you can participate in providing answers to the puzzles by leaving comments on the blog.

Cool puzzles. Good for thinking out of the box!

Check them out. If you like them, then you may also consider obtaining the book to find out what is really going on.

In the meantime, put your thinking cap on for a few solutions to the outties!

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