Saturday, August 26, 2006

Audioblog Roundup

The trail takes a short cut through today's Boston Globe Living/Arts section which has a cover story on local audio bloggers. The online version of the story provides an active link to the individual pages. I decided to summarize them here to make it easier to get to.

I would encourage you to read the full article in the Globe (free registration maybe required).

Hello Gina

Exit fare


Clicky clicky

Keep the coffee coming

Bradley's Almanac

Los Amigos De Durutti

This is a good variety of music to choose from.

Spend some time cruising, listening and maybe you'll find one or two (or more) to add to your RSS Reader of choice.

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Kat said...

Thanks, I appreciate your posting!

Queen of Sheba said...

Boston is lucky to have such a good music scene, and such sharp people covering it! I sure enjoy it.