Thursday, August 03, 2006

Alignment diagrams - Indi Young

Next step on the winding trail is a blog on the develop of a book on alignment diagrams.
What are Alignment diagrams you ask?
An alignment diagram is a picture of the user experience that starts with the users' mental model—their goals and how they accomplish them regardless of which tools they use. Next, the features of your web site or product are aligned with users' goals. The result is a diagram that will help you:
  • Better understand the user experience before making design and strategic decisions.
  • Provide your organization with a clear roadmap of where it should invest its energies—and where it shouldn't.
  • Be confident about your design decisions by grounding them in research data.
  • Make your limited budget and time go further.
  • Derive an information architecture from users' tasks that will last 10 years.
  • Get everyone—from discordant team members to busy executives—on the same page with respect to design and strategy.

So if you are into the user experience and designing for a good user experience, this would be one to check out.

Indi Young has an interesting background and seems well qualified to do this book.


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