Thursday, August 03, 2006

Designing for Interaction - Dan Saffer

Continuing along the user interaction trail today, we stop at this site where Dan Saffer has just published his book: Designing for Interaction.
Dan writes:

First off, there is a tendency to think that participation means either blogging or forums, that these are the only ways to create "community." Hogwash. As Ross Mayfield's great diagram The Power Law of Participation notes, there are lots of different ways for users to engage with a company online: everything from simply reading (yes, that's participation--more in a moment), to contributing content.

Read the full posting here.

Dan writes:

It's no secret that I have a pretty expansive view of what interaction design is, that it is more about connecting people than it is about technology. Many people are surprised by this and wonder how it is I can say that. Hell, sometimes I even question it myself.

Don't wait too long, read the full post here to find out what's up.

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