Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Media School

As PodCamp Boston approaches, the trail will wind its way amongst some scheduled attendees. Today, we'll stop by the New Media School where they offer tips and tricks on creating audio and video casts.
The about page states:
New Media School was founded in August 2006 by Chris Brogan as part of Grasshopper New Media.

The New Media School is dedicated to helping you understand audio and video podcasting, as well as other new media tools.

If you come away from this site with nothing else, come away with the understanding that all this technology is just a means to reach your audience. The goal is to inform, to entertain, and to start conversations. This is digital storytelling. What you learn here is no different than cave painting, except that it has larger reach, and repeatability.

As a potential podcaster, this is one site I'll visit before going to PodCamp Boston.

If you have considerd podcasting, and have not done so yet, then this is one place to visit.

If you are an experienced podcaster, then this is also a place to visit and potentially help by sharing what you know.

Either way, add it to your RSS reader of choice and keep informed!


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1 comment:

Chris said...

Wow! Thank you for the very nice props for New Media School. Our goal is to make the site a mix of useful, funny, and inspiring. I, for one, laugh at every subtitle I create. Others? Not so much. : )

I thank you for your kindness. How about shooting a video how-to and becoming a substitute teacher?