Tuesday, August 29, 2006

100Bloggers Carnival - Silliest Blog Entry, But It Felt Good!

The trail continues with the 100Bloggers "Heat of Summer Carnival" were the votes are being cast and counted. One of the nominees was previously found along the trail, the others now will have their day in the sun. We'll take some time to catch up on the nominees for each category.

If you want to skip ahead, you can check out the original carnival posting here

and the nominees and instructions for voting can be found here

The nominees for 100Bloggers Heat of Summer Carnival - Silliest Blog Entry, But It Felt Good! are:

Ronni was amongst the first found blog found along the trail by the hitchhikers. The trail opened on 3/3/2005 and we wrote about Ronni on 3/8/2005. You can read about it here.

Lyn writes a few other blogs, at least one in a hiatus at the moment. I thought I used my 3-column template fully, well not quite. I have a long way to go to put as many useful links and buttons and bricklets and widgets along the columns as Lyn has. If there is an "About Me" page with a paragraph or two of some background on his purpose in amongst this all, I missed it. I may have been laughing too loud to see straight. You might want to add Lyn to your RSS read of choice to get a daily laugh or two.

The Random Yak writes

From the people who brought you the Wife Carrying Competition (understand the concept, wouldn’t suggest participating) and the Sauna World Championships (might consider participating, if I understood the concept):

It’s the first Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship! (I knew they had to
be good for something.)

The winner, Finland’s Lassi Etelatalo, flung his Nokia 89 meters to take home a (notably quieter) spot in the phone-flinging hall of fame.

Maybe a good idea to keep the phone hidden from Lassi. Add the Random Yak to your RSS Reader of choice and you won't need a phone.

Nooner101 uses Windows Live Spaces to blog. I must admit, I had not checked one of these out before. Some standard links and features, but slightly differently arranged. I will need to see a few others to see if this one is a good sample or truly different. In any case, if you were curious about "Practice Safe Fax", you can find the answers to your questions here.

Q. If I fax something to myself will I go blind? A. Certainly not. As far as I can see.

Add Nooner101 to your RSS Reader of choice and you won't need a fax.

Captain Platypus writing at the Platypus Society recently converted to WordPress and installed a new template. I don't know what it looked liked previously but the 3-column template works for me. Much simpler than Lyn although this may not be completed yet so I should not pre-judge.

If you are interested in a threeway while in Cincinnati, check this out. That should keep you going while you add the Platypus Society to your RSS Reader of choice to get some regular doses of humor.

The competition in the silliest category is truly a laughing matter. Read the postings, share them with your friends and conspire to cast your votes accordingly.

PS - Many thanks to Pet Campbell for hosting this wacky event.

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