Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hitchhiker Guidelines

Troy Worman's first post here said:
The blogosphere is a giant time capsule that offers a panoramic view of our world. It is a collection of personal expressions that represent virtually every human perspective of our times. It is filled with millions of personal accounts, diaries, essays, stories and photos. It is filled with art. It is filled with emotion. It is filled with thought. It is our collective conscience. Better than any collection of books or articles, the blogosphere will capture the story of our existence.
My initial posting here said:
... consider this a trail head.

We are both hiking in the blogosphere.

We have our individual likes and dislikes, our passions
and a common desire to share the experience with fellow hikers.

As we find a blogger voice that sounds like something you might be interested in
we'll post it here.

So continuing the trail and hiking analogy, when you find a site you like and think others would be interested in, share it here.

We tend to focus on the less than A list blogs. Those already have a great level of readership and generally don't need any help. Occasionally, they may still get mentioned here just because.

How to share the site is open to your creativity. Good writing on most any blog will include links to the site, perhaps some specific postings, quote from the site...

You could follow the Blog Tipping guidelines

You could create a story like David has done, sample here.

One of Karen Shanley's recent entries can be found here.

Bottom line, the objective is to create something that will entice a reader to go there and explore that blog, and of course, come back here for more!

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