Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Thinking Blog - ilker yoldas

Along the trail of the 2000 Bloggers, I find The Thinking Blog. Yes, you heard right. Thinking.

Sounds like this place is right up my alley!

How about sending an email to your future self? She writes:
I've seen this before, and maybe some of you have seen this as well, but I'm sure most people haven't. Even so, its time to bury your own personal time capsule! Ever wonder where will you be one year from today? Preserve your thoughts, resolutions, and memories on Future Me, then specify the date in the future when you want them emailed back to you.
Read her full posting here.

She also heard about First Life and writes:
Go Outside. Make some real life friends. Live your life. Second Life is a popular virtual world which recently crossed one million residents. To parody Second Life, Darren Barefoot created a one page satire site called Get a First Life which is a '3D analog world where server lag does not exist.'
So other than sending an email to yourself, or getting to live your first life, stop by and see what's up at The Thinking Blog.


ilker said...

Wow.. I'm flattered! Thank you ;)

ilker said...

Did you know? I recently got a brand new shiny dot com domain name! =)

Would you be so kind to change the links from ilkeryoldas.blogspot.com to www.thethinkingblog.com ?

Thanks a million!