Wednesday, January 17, 2007

60 Second Science

The trail requires preparation. Sometimes you can get by with what you have already. Sometimes, you need to increase your knowledge to continue to make it along the way.

How can you continue to expand your knowledge of the world around you?

The trail turns to Scientific American which publishes a 60 second podcast.

You can afford a little time to do this. It's only 60 seconds.

Just enough time to get a nugget a day, or to enjoy several at a time. Recent podcasts covered:
  • The biochemical cascade caused by the common cold virus ultimately produces a protein, called carabin, that stops the sniffles.
  • The energy requirements of mammals combined with the energy costs of hunting prey mean that no carnivorous land mammal could ever be much bigger than the biggest polar bears.
  • A new study finds that lost dogs are found more often than cats, probably because a much higher percentage of dogs than cats carries some form of identification.
Check out Scientific American for their 60 Second Science

You will be glad you did. You will be more prepared for the trail.

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