Thursday, January 25, 2007

Kavit Haria

At this next stop along the trail we find Kavit writing:

Welcome to the official weblog of Kavit Haria. This is the single blog where Kavit combines all his work, writings, philanthrophy and his quest for lifelong fulfillment.

Kavit Haria is regarded as UK’s #1 Music Success Coach, a public speaker and coach who helps musicians have more successful careers and live more fulfilled lives.

As an established musician himself (multi-percussionist), he has played with many top name musicians in a wide variety of genres (fusion-style music) throughout his career.

Kavit writes:

Here’s another great music marketing strategy you may like to try out. Once your fans sign up to your mailing list at your website, offer them free audio samplers of your music. Then over a period of a few weeks, email them frequently and become their friend, not the sales person. Being the friend always is a good thing as they can see you taking an interest in them and what they are involved in.

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Kavit writes:

How clear and so useful for us today, no matter what religion it originates from. Start chunking down your bigger goals, ambitions and wants in life into smaller, simpler activities and just notice that you’ll get to the goal faster. Maybe you’re the kind of person that knows you’ve got to get something done, but you just don’t do it and sometimes you don’t even know why you don’t take action. Well most of the time, it’s the mind that’s afraid because it’s such a big task and if you don’t complete it, you put yourself down, lose focus and frustration. Well not any more. Follow the Tao’s passage above and break things into smaller and simpler tasks and then just take action.

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