Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Live your bext life - Tim Draayer

The trail continues meandering today to eventually find Tim Draayer writing at Live Your Best Life.

A sample of Tim's recent postings reveal:

Tim writes:

When I was younger I had little regard for my health and what I ate. My mom always told me 'You are what you eat'. I laughed at this but I think that the true saying is that 'We are what we think' because as the passage above states, our thoughts precede our ever action, create habits and then defines our character.

If you believe yourself to be successful, you are. If you think you have nothing to live for, you won't.

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Tim writes:

There is a lot of responsibility in making a New Years Resolution because you are placing a request upon yourself to make a change in your life. Changes are never something to take likely, especially if they will alter your life in big ways. For example, if you've chosen to loss some weight in the coming year. This means you will be fighting a battle of willpower but there is also allot of thought and planning that goes into it.

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Tim Draayer said...

Steve - Thanks so much for including me and Live Your Best Life here. Have a good one!