Wednesday, January 24, 2007

901am - David Krug, et al

The trail today turns to the z-list and one of the sites that has posted the collection of icons with links to each of the blogs.
901am is a website covering new media news. and blogging. My name is David Krug, I’m the founder. I have a lot of history in the blogosphere. Back in 1999 I started a publication called BloggerMag which was the first blogging news site in the industry. Over the years I’ve run blog networks including, and a Religious Blog Network. Over time I’ve changed about as fast as the blogosphere has changed. At times its hard to keep up with the two of us.
David is joined in this effort by Thord Hedengren and Muhammad Saleem

Recent postings include:
901am also provides podcasts and a newswire.

Plenty of good stuff here. Consider adding this site to your RSS Reader of choice.

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