Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Deuce - Clint Dempsey

The trail takes into the soccer (football) world today. We have not ventured far on this trail before but were able to find that Clint Dempsey has a blog. Thanks to Carolyn for the lead.

Who is Clint? Who is Carolyn?

Well, Clint is only one of the more promising US Men's National Team players. He scored the one legitimate goal for the USA in the 2006 World Cup. We were fortunate to see him play frequently for the New England Revolution.

Oh, and Carolyn happens to be my daughter, shown here with her hero. The picture was taken in April, 2006 at a meet the players event for season ticket holders. Needless to say, Carolyn was very excited to accompany me.

Her smile has changed somewhat to a frown on hearing that Clint will be going to the Premier League for a now record MLS transfer fee.

Congratulations, Clint!

This picture is now increasing in value Carolyn!

Check out Clint's site for a picture of his fiance, for a video highlight reel of his goals scored, for audio clips of his singing/rapping, and for updates on what he is doing.

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