Friday, January 26, 2007

Inklings: On the Hunch that Science Rocks

The trail makes a pit stop at Inklings: On the Hunch that Science Rocks , a science magazine full of legitimate, though quirky, science articles.

The "About Us" page describes the magazine's mission as:

"dedicated to science as we see it. Founded in late 2006, we cover the science that pervades our life, makes us laugh, and helps us choose our breakfast foods."
Here are a few recent articles:

Pop Culture
For Those About to Hypothesize: We Salute You
A top-ten list to brighten the day of even the most oppressed Petri-dish slave.
by Kate Fink
24 January 2007

Your Health This Week
Advice for a long life: swim safely, stay in prison, drink cranberry juice and keep a lid on your anger
by Anna Gosline
24 January 2007

Science Bloggers Avoid the Spinach Dip Brush-Off
A cocktail of lessons from last week's Science Blogging Conference
by Eva Amsen
24 January 2007

Fighting Malaria with Mosquitoes
Malaria researchers learn to hijack mosquitoes' immune tricks for good
by Kurt Wong

I'd have to say I think they succeed at their mission. It's always funny and interesting.

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