Friday, January 12, 2007

Two for one: Mother and Daughter

The trail turns and follows a few twists to end up finding Susie Writes and then her daughter writing at Sweet Tea on Avenue C.

Miss Parker's profile reveals:
I am a newly transplanted Southerner living in the East Village with my wonderful boyfriend, John. I work at the Humane Society of New York. I wish I knew how to play the drums. I think good manners are incredibly underrated; I long for the days when people addressed one another as "Mister" and "Miss." My talents are spread out among writing, knitting and photography; consequently I'm mediocre at all three. My real passion is history. If you need a quick historical fact, I'm you're girl. I love it when lists of things are alphabetized; I love making lists in general. [I'm a virgo, in case you haven't guessed that by now.] Oh, and did I mention I really really really miss sweet tea? No? Well, I do.
Miss Parker writes:

In six days I have to get on a plane. I haven't been on a plane since 2003 when I flew home from Ireland. [A terrible trip home, which I will one day have to recount for all you Voxies. I should have never left Ireland early.]

This shouldn't be a big deal anymore. I have traversed the Atlantic several times, and flown domestically all over the country. I've been flying since I was two. Nothing has ever happened. But it is a big deal. And, logically, I cannot explain why. It just is. And that should be enough.

I don't know where/when things went wrong. I wasn't afraid of flying as a child. And then suddenly I was, and I don't know how it happened. Maybe I just reached a certain age in my early teens and suddenly it clicked that being shot through the sky in a tube wasn't the best idea I'd ever heard of. The source of this fear is irrelevent. The fact is that it's there and it's unshakeable, and I have had a stomachache since my plane ticket home was purchased in November.

Read the full posting titled: All I Want for Christmas is to Not Die in a Fiery Plane Crash

Back to her mother, Susie Parker who recaps an eventful 2006 and says in part:
You know...point A leads to point B and if you make it to point B it will undoubtedly lead you to point C and, before you know it, you realize, a lot of it is rote and pointLESS.... At least, that's how it used to look from where I formerly sat. And then, well, I changed seats. I upgraded.
Read the full posting to find out about the upgrade.

Susie also writes:
The article came out and, I have to say with no small measure of relief, Ms. Amy Hotz got it right. She most certainly respected the guidelines I requested and, in the process, earned a huge measure of respect (and relief!) from me.
Read all about the article and what earned Ms Holtz Susie's respect.

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