Thursday, April 05, 2007

Think or Thwim -- Jeff Buscher

The Trail swings by Jeff Bushcer's place at Think or Thwim.

The qualities I like most about Jeff are that he's smart, he's interested in everything, and he's funny. Just take a look at an excerpt from his About page, and you'll see what I mean.

My name is Jeff Buscher. I’m a 440 month old boy. I don’t wear a watch, and I’ve never peed in a swimming pool.

Karma: Neutral

Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Special power(s): Superhuman hearing (only used for good)

Residency: usa… Shut up. I didn’t vote for him.

Favorite Pick-up Line: “I’d like to check you for ticks” -Brad Paisley

And then take a gander at some of the topics he blogs about. Talk about an inquisitive and lively mind! He'll haveyou laughing while you learn.

humor documentaries investing insight innovation art presentations politics neurologymusic applications comedians energy architecture things ive learned technology researchmedia google computers ze frank scott adams parenting elections design writing wikipediavoting stanford spirituality open source interviews fairness education congress chinablogging bittorrent advertising time lapse videos the daily show the colbert report stephen colbert robotics personal development iraq housing green energy google techtalks dilbertbikes time this american life the show the mit media lab the hive mind stratfor slow motionsavants quotes my son meditation inspiration how tos graduation fish firefox drawing darpacommencements classes charts cars california bill clinton barry ritholtz autism appleanimation 3d printing youtube world development wordpress woodworking wireless powerwhiteboards websites voting machines viacom travel trains the urban challenge the grand challenge the bbc tesla roadsters sustainability stewart brand startups stanley solar powersketch understanding shanghai self esteem seizures second life search revopower rapid prototyping radio lab praise poetry po bronson picasso phychics philips penn and teller pbspbase paul graham open source npr netflix movies michael chorost math maps makelinerider kevin kelly ken wilber jon stewart john mccain john walkenbach jimmy wales jeff han james randi ira glass intelligence inspiration hans rosling haiku guitar graphs google maps google trends fusion free speech

Jeff's the kind of guy with whom I could imagine talking late into the night on all manner of serious and silly topics, and coming away the wiser and wittier for it.

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