Monday, April 16, 2007

Man-o-Pause - Nicolette Beard

The trail takes this 40 year-old hiker to a place with the fetching title of man-o-pause - a place where Nicolette Beard aims to provide "insightful commentary on issues facing men (in) midlife".

A woman writing about male midlife crises and challenges? I'm intrigued...

She says of herself:

I am a woman who, through hard won experience and sincere striving, has learned from life and wants to provide some answers to your deeply held questions.

From a young age, I sought the deeper meaning of life. And my life did not dissapoint.

I learned about the nature of addiction, anger, building a business, bosses & bullies, childbirth, career & competition, death, depression, divorce, failure, faith, fear, friendship & goodness, hope, injustice, jealousy, joy, love & marriage, mental illness, motherhood, patience & pain, opportunity, relationship, sibling rivalry, success,
suffering, teen angst, tolerance, worry and work. Not necessarily in that order.

I am a wife, mother and entrepreneur. To be a bridge-builder between men and women, parents and children, community and the world-at-large would be my greatest joy.

When asked by a Canadian journalist (about midlife crisis) "Do you see this passage as a spiritual crisis?", Nicolette replies,

All crises, on some level, are spiritual. It's an attempt of the human being (the Self) to transcend the strictures of the past, the limitations of his personality and to evolve to become better than he was - to serve in a greater capacity in the future.

Crisis is an indication that something isn't working. The struggle comes with the "deciding" phase. A teenager is deciding who he is, a parent is deciding how to parent a difficult child, a college graduate is deciding what profession to pursue, and a midlife man is deciding what his future will look like. These are daily struggles we all experience.But once you've made a decision, then you experience a breakthrough to a path that serves you and, ultimately, humanity better.

For the whole interview, read the full posting here.

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