Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Out of the Cube - Verna Wilder

The trail turns to Out of the Cube, where Verna writes on her experiences in this new non-corporate world. For example, she writes:

My young friend is 20. The best thing I can do for him is listen, agree that breaking up sucks, and share my own experiences, some of them recent. I realized when I was talking to him yesterday that the one thing I could offer him that he might know was that he will be happy again. Experience teaches us that feelings are just feelings, and no matter how awful they are in the moment, they pass. He may not know how to hold hope, so as an older person who loves him and who knows, I can hold hope for him. I can say, "Hey, if you forget, call me, OK? Any time, even in the middle of the night."

Read Verna's full posting here.

She writes about trying to remember how to dance the Mashed Potato:

This is not a day I would want to find anyone looking in my window to see what I'm doing. Not that I'd welcome that on any day, but today I'm trying to remember how to dance the Mashed Potatoes. OK, ask the obvious question: So Verna, why are you trying to remember how to dance the Mashed Potatoes?

Read more to find out how Verna did here.

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Anne said...

"Out of the Cube" gets me through the week. Every post is intelligent, artistic, and original. It's a vaccine against the predictability and plastic of the rest of the world. Verna Wilder is the real thing!