Monday, April 30, 2007

syntax and soul - Dick Richards

Dick Richards has added an outlet for his writing and the new site happens to focus on writing; Syntax and Soul.

Enter into writing to find release from cultural intoxication, from impulses to imbibe of sedatives freely offered: consumerism, entertainment, and violence. From ego gratification. Beyond the point of entry lies a gentle force that will employ you as an instrument of its aims.

Enter into writing to find heightened perception. Alertness will descend unasked for. Your entire world will inspire you. Lobelia and wrens will offer keys to what is unwritten.

Enter into writing to find what you believe. What you believe gives shape to what you see, and to what you say and do. What you see, say and do gives shape to what you receive.

Enter into writing to find community with like-minded others.

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This particular post is very similar to what Terry wrote and I responded to.

Check out Dick's new place for writing.

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