Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cribbaholics Unanimous

The trail shuffles the deck to find a site devoted to an old faithful card game: cribbage. Yes, cribbage, where 29 is heaven, 28 is almost heaven and 19 is impossible.

Joe's recent posts are titled:
You get the idea. If you have a fancy for a peg, this is one site to visit.

You might also want to explore Crash Cribbage, a variation on the old game!

So with this shuffle of the deck, you get two sites, three posts, and the right variation or in cribbage scoring vocabulary: 15 for 2, a run of three, and the right jack for a total of six.


Pete Aldin said...

Now that is one highly specialised site!

Steve Sherlock said...

How about that? A simple and popular game... why not!