Tuesday, February 14, 2006

MOMster - Irene

Irene writes in her profile section:

... I am an almost thirty, neat freak, writer, wife and mother of two.

my parents are a first generation Koreans. They immigrated to France soon after they got married in 1975. I was born and grew up in France. I graduated from a film school, married my soul mate, and after working for several film and advertising companies, I've decided to stay home to take care of my twin boys, Sean and Will, born in 2002.

we live in Paris with our dog, a Maltese named Finn.

I love knitting, chai tea latte, good writing, CSI: Vegas, art and Jamie Cullum. I am a pretty good an unpredictable driver, I make a mean carrot cake, I can't wear thongs underwear or walk in heels. I know how to edit a movie, the old-fashioned way. I have a weakness for super heroes. And I really love food.

In Self-portrait Tuesday - all of me, she writes:

and my husband says I'm not funny.

ah the path to self-acceptance.

PS - you need to see the picture to make sense of this... click through here. You'll be glad you did!

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