Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Adam Richardson


thus reads the tag line of Adam's blog home page.

In "It's such a fine line between stupid and clever" you can find this wonderful curve:

In Understanding the User Experience/Expectation gap, he writes:
... few companies have the resources, expertise, budget or time to develop every element themselves - interfaces, controls, web applications, operating systems, retail integration, etc. So you have to make decisions about what you're going to do custom, and what you're going to get off-the-shelf.

These decisions have major impacts on not just how customers will perceive you, but also your future flexibility and growth path as a company. They also have a dramatic effect on profit margins.

User experiences go through lifecycles of improvement. Understanding the lifecycle for your industry is critical to smart development choices.

This is an excellent analysis. Another set of charts is used convincingly to explain the situation. If you wondered about this, wonder no more, follow the link to understand it.

Read more of Adam here.

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