Thursday, February 23, 2006

One Pot Meal

In how to make friends with robots he writes:

The first time the robots came they surprised me, and were able to make off with most of my stuff.

But the second time I was expecting them, and not only did I get back my own stuff but I was also able to take some of the robots’ stuff.

You'll need to click through to complete the story, it is too good to spoil the ending!

In Job Interview, he writes:
I dreamt I went to a job interview at what I though was a paper supply company (too much Dunder Mifflin, perhaps?); I don’t know what job I had applied for, but apparently it involved an office and a tie. The interview began with the company’s owner and his wife asking me about my favorite books, and a discussion of Peter Carey. The questions got a little bit stranger—Who’s your favorite writer from Greenland? Do you speak Inuktitut?—but I thought, Hey, this isn’t so bad—questions about literature and the Arctic? This is the job for me!
It will take some more detective work (i.e. reading) to find out more about this writer but he posts as Steve (not a bad name) and knows about the Charliecard so he must be in the Boston area somewhere.

It will be worth reading to find out more about him!

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