Monday, February 13, 2006

If not now, when?

As the Hitchhiker Team continues to travel the world, we arrive today in Italy to meet Viaggiatore and learn from her profile that:

You probably already know this, but I'm passionate, opinionated, resourceful, determined ... fed up with stupid people, anguished with bureaucracy, on a bit of a soul search or rather, just a readjustment of what I've always known about myself. A gypsy spirit (in the positive connotation of the word) and a bit of a child-of-the-world, willing to take a swing at whatever pitch comes my way.

In So Close, and yet so far she writes:
It's the same reason that I watched Katie Couric's 'pre-Olympic tour', broadcasting from my newly-adopted Firenze, through slightly teary eyes - missing being there, as I sat in a hotel room bed in Louisville, Kentucky.

I really hope that GiaGina and Laurie and all my other new friends from Torino are having an amazing Olympic experience. But I'm on the road, sadly far from Italy and the Olympic spirit.

Because sitting in the sun drinking Chianti doesn't pay the bills, baby. And work means travel this time of year.
And you will be delighted by her Ode to Peperoncino.

Read more of Viaggiatore here.

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