Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Anne 2.0 - Anne Zelenka

Anne writes:
I'm going to take another self-indulgent moment as I continue to populate the Who Is Anne list in my sidebar. Doing it this way, by making a Blogger post, means that my bio area will always be formatted just like the rest of the site. This is the beauty of content management, a beauty I didn't recognize until Blogger ate my first template.

I'm a computer programmer, and I have been since I was maybe 13. That's when my dad bought our family an Apple II and I drew horses out of big blocks on the screen using BASIC. I didn't think to major in computer science when I attended Stanford as an undergrad. I was too fascinated by other subjects and the CS students seemed very geeky. I hadn't gotten in touch with my inner geek at that point.
She also writes at The Barely Attentive Mother so if you choose, you can add two blogs to your reader today!

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