Friday, February 03, 2006

Jaffe Juice

Today at Jaffe Juice: Quick Super Bowl Links, My Interview on NPR's WHYY, Big just got bigger, Ole Ole Puma Puma.

Yesterday at Jaffe Juice: Handing the feed that bites you, jaffe on NPR/WHYY-FM/Sirius, The Virtual Treasure Hunt.

Wow. That was refreshing. Well, perhaps not refreshing. I mean, I am not saying Jaffe isn't refreshing. I mean, refreshing is not the word I was looking for. Cool is a good word. I dig the Jaffe Juice.

Where the hell am I going with this?

What is Jaffe Juice? Jaffe Juice is the reincarnation of a weekly op-ed article series, authored by Joseph Jaffe, which debuted on in June of 2002.

Jaffe Juice is your daily dose of fresh, uncensored and unedited commentary and perspective on the words of "new marketing", media and creativity (or the lack thereof) in advertising.

Fresh? Yes, absolutely.

On blogging, Jaffe writes, "BLOGS will play an indelible role in the future of publishing. The non-linear, byte-sized dialogue is inextricably a part of the way businesses will talk to fellow businesses and of course their consumers. My hope is to play my part as an agent of change and narrator in this story. "

Read Jaffe Juice and enjoy. I do.

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