Thursday, February 09, 2006


Yes, this is another find in the wonderful blogosphere world we partake in.

Well, you must otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.

I followed a link from Jennifer, Inc. to read about her sister.
Had I ever been to Atlanta, I'd wonder how I missed her.

Hey now, don't get too cute just 'cause she bares all doesn't mean you can go rhyming.

Maigh writes:
Needless to say half of the Things You Must Do To Make Me Happy pad by Knock Knock will live at the office (I plan to mark "Acknowledge I'm right" and "Stop saying um" immediately and hang it in a prominent place) and half will travel with me everywhere I go.
and writes:
Question: why do women with who run with ponytails seem to do everything possible to make it swing back and forth, tempting me to pull over and chase after them with the pruning sheers I keep next to the drivers seat in the Jeep? Don't ask why they're there, just answer the question.
and writes:
For giggles (and to get my feet wet) yesterday I was looking at jobs in Ireland. After flipping through a couple of ads I decided I'd send my resume in response to one of them, but I kept stalling out on what to say in the cover letter - not only because it's been a few years since I had to play that game, but also because of the whole "American" misconception.

Half joking, I solicited my friend "Codie the party boy" for help and the results are freaking hi-lar-i-ous. I added a picture I had laying around and now I think I might actually hurt myself. This morning I was literally laughing so hard tears were streaming and my face is sore. Of course the downside is I'm stuck wondering what my eulogy might sound like.

Moving on...edited lightly, this is what he came up with:
You'll need to read the rest here.

And then go back often to find out what Maigh is up to!

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Maigh said...

Brilliant - thanks for the recognition and kind words, Steve! :)