Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Skip on! - Kim

I believe that the world will be a much happier place when skipping becomes a more acceptable thing for adults to do.

This blog is about my (and others') efforts to make the world a happier place one skip a time.

I am in agreement. I run and usually begin my running with some warm up exercises and as part of that, I love to skip. It is part of the fun in running.

To find this site on skipping, well, I am almost in heaven.

Read the blog on skipping!

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Skipper Kim said...

Hooray! It is always such a treat to meet a kindred skipping spirit!!

Skipping helps runners run better because it develops the front of the calf muscles and helps prevent shin splints! It also is a lot of fun to do on the treadmill (but try it at a fast walking pace first so you can get used to it!)

Skip on!

Kim Corbin